Successes: 5th grade students admitted into The Bak School (1% admission rate)

College students passing piano exams after tutoring (did not pass prior semester) acceptance into piano performance programs in Interlochen Summer Programs. Acceptance into piano performance into top colleges as well as theatre majors and music education and music therapy majors. 

Private tutoring is available for preparing for college level music theory, orchestration, instrumentation, music history, sight reading and ear training. Marcy is also available to tutor to prepare for the college entry exams for music theory, as well as college level music theory classes. Tutoring is also available for preparing for Proficiency Exams in High School and College and for Piano Jury's for College Students.



Advanced Level Coaching for Auditions to Bak and Other Top Music Programs.Tutoring for college Classes.

The same schedule and price structure applies.