Marcy Gilroy, Marcy Greer Director/Founder


Top Credentials. Top Rated Music Academy in Sarasota Florida and Boca Raton/Delray Florida  Top Performance Opportunities.

Over 120 Students. Classical and Rock. Performance, Technique, Composition, Orchestration, Note Reading.

Adult and children ages 2 to 90+



Piano Lessons Sarasota, Vocal Lessons Sarasota
  Drum Lessons Sarasota
Piano and Vocal Lessons Boca Raton
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Private and Group Music -    Piano Lessons for Preschoolers, Elementary, Teen, and Adult beginning at age two. All Levels - Beginner to Advanced. Unique, customized approach for fast start. Genres: Classical, Rock, Easy Listening, Jazz Improvisation, Holiday, Broadway Themes, Rhythm and Blues, Ragtime. Note Reading, Music Composition, Sight Reading, Theory, Technique, Ear Training, Orchestration/Instrumentation and Performance.
Private Vocal Lessons - Ages 4 to adult. All levels, all genres.
Drums -  Ages 4 to adult.  All levels, all genres.
The Child Prodigy Series -  Top rated children's preschool piano program in Sarasota. Unique Group lessons for preschoolers. Children play on quality baby grand piano in variety of colors, ages 2-5 . Tuesdays 1:15PM to 2:30 PM. Note reading and rhythm taught in a fun and educational environment. Small classes. 
Music Company - Rock and Roll Bands for Elementary and Ten students. Students perform throughout the year on keyboard, vocal with harmonization, drums, bass, guitar. Junior Company, ages 4-7 Mondays 6:30 - 7:15 Sarasota, Senior Company, ages 8-17 Tuesdays 6:45 - 7:30 Sarasota, "Chill", ages 13-20, performs "gigs".
Note Bee Class - Ages 5-9, note reading, keyboard identification of notes, key signatures, time signatures.Monthly "note bees" with prizes! Mondays Sarasota 6:15-6:45PM
Locations: Mondays and Tuesdays with Miss Marcy in Sarasota, Wednesday, Thursday Fridays and Sundays with Miss Marcy in Boca Raton. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Fridays with Assistant Piano Teachers and Drum Instruction in Sarasota. Boca Raton serving Delray, Deerfield Beach, Pompano, and surrounding areas. Assistant Piano Teachers and Drum Lessons alswo available in Sarasota on Weekends.
Vocal Professional Workshops: Professional Vocal Training "Sing Like a Star" 
Quarterly workshops in Sarasota. Vocal and breathing warm up exercises. Increase your vocal range. Techniques for vibrato. Vocal clarity. How to safely sing a “Rock Scream” and other vocal demands in rock. How to sing for an audition for a school musical or talent show and make the “lead” in a play/musical.  Bio’s and headshots and photo shoots for auditions and modeling.  

6 Year Old Student Performing

Link to article published about Marcy Gilroy, The Director and Founder

You Tube of Miss Marcy playing the piano for The Sarasota Observer. Scroll to the bottom of the article:

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and Music Company Students Performing: 
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Studio is able to work with children with learning disabilities including ADD, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Behavior, and Autism as well as those classified as Gifted and Talented. Studio additionally is capable of working with adults with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. 

Student performing with Music Company

2 Year Old on Drums

Finding an instructor for an adult with piano experience has not been an easy task. Throughout the years I tried several teachers who who were not able to motivate or extend my skills. Then I met Marcy Gilroy. From the first lesson I felt excited by her teaching methods. Marcy used appropriated materials and techniques to review finger exercises. Her love for music was evident when she recommended newpieces and impressed me by playing them beautifully. I was appreciative that Marcy respected my musical influences and asked me for input when chossing new pieces to play. She was everything I had looked for in a teacher. Marcy was extremely accomplished, supportive, and encouraging. But, most importantly, marcy knew how to effectively extend my skills. After a few months of lessons I was playing better than I ever have. This has give me great pleasure along with a sense of wonder by how much I had achieved in a short period of time. I highly recommend Marcy Gilroy's teaching style and expertise to any musical adult who dreams of playing the piano well. Adult student Eileen Klein 9 years of previous piano lessons. Degrees in Education and English. Boca Raton. April 2012

Adult student

Ms. Marcy has been, hands down, the best music instructor our daughter Amanda has had. Amanda came to Marcy just six months ago with five years of piano lessons under her belt. Unfortunately she could read very little music, but had near perfect pitch. Marcy promised us that in less than one year she would be able to read all her notes and be able to play any composition she chose. In the short time our daughter has been with A Prelude to the Classics, she has far exceeded our expectations and is on her way to becoming an accomplished piano player – all thanks to Ms. Marcy who understands her students and creates an environment where the student loves to learn and can’t wait until their next lesson. Thank you for all you do! Shana (mother of 13 year old student) 2012

"Marcy, Thank you so much for your devotion and support with teaching the kids. 
You have taught my children to love playing a musical instrument and for that I truly thank you!"
Janet Kempton

"A Prelude to the Classics is a music studio that is beyond compare. My 9 year old son has been playing with Marcy for a year and a half and sounds like he has been playing since he was two. Marcy is not only talented herself, but she has a natural way with people. Marcy knows how to read people and speak to their personal abilities. My son is very intelligent, but she can communicate with him in ways that I cannot. She knows how to "reign people in", and always keep it fun! When you cone to one of her lessons, her students always have a smile on their faces! Joining A Prelude to the Classics with without a doubt one of the best decisions we have ever made. We continue to watch our son flourish while he is having a ball!"

Joanna LaRussa 2011

Miss Marcy as appeared in Herald Tribune Article

"Learning to play music was on my “bucket list”, so for my 60th birthday I bought a keyboard. I started with the Easy Play method, but found progress slow.  After just 3 months of lessons with Marcy, I can read music and play scales, along with a wide range of chords. I now have the fundamentals needed to make real progress.  Marcy likes to challenge her students to move forward, but provides ample encouragement.  She makes learning fun, and is highly effective for students of all ages. "  

Sam Swope  5/2010


"Thank you so much for all the love and support you show Amelia with all her lessons over all the years! She loves and adores you, and so do we! " Sheila (mother 5 year old student) 2012

"Thank you for all of the lessons and TLC you have shown Devin.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and we look forward to many more years of working with you..." Ann (mother, 11 year old student) 2012


"Thank you for all you do all year long! You have become part of our family, and we adore you!!" Ashley (mother, 3 year old student) 2011


Graduate Renowned Hartt College of Music in Piano Performance

NYU School of Performing Arts      Performed Metropolitan NYC   


 Accompanied New Jersey School of Ballet

Taught NYC High School for Performing Arts (site for filming of movie FAME)

Board Member Asolo Theatre, Designing Women, G. Wiz 

 Arts and Culture Philanthropic Committees and Chairperson in Sarasota 

Member Florida State Music Teachers Association  Member National Music Teacher Association

Selected to represent Sarasota County by National Association of Professional Women

Masters Business Administration   Executive Juris Doctor

Assistant Instructors trained in Traditional and Suzuki, and performances in local clubs and bands.





Miss Marcy with student performing

Miss Marcy with student performing

Miss Marcy with student performing

Student in main studio